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"Die Welt ist klein geworden, so winzig klein geworden,
ein schöner Ball mit dem Du gerne spielst.
Sie ist ganz Dein geworden und allgemein geworden.
Und wartet ab wohin Du mit ihr zielst."

Now the world is small, so tiny and small
A beautiful ball you love to play with.
It is all yours, and for all of us.
Just wait and see what you aim at

"Die Welt ist weit geworden" - words and music by Kurt (Curt) Bry - became famous through the performance by Dora Gerson (1899-1943).
You can witness the intense performance by another great artist, Dora Paulsen (1898-1970), on Philips PL 12936 - 12" Lp - for which Curt Bry rewrote part of the lyrics to reflect modern times.


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According to Webster's New World Dictionary Second College Edition (1970) the word sound has three meanings.
Sound of course is the vibration that can be sensed by the body and can be picked up by the ear. The myriad combinations of vibrations, the varying intensity and the changes in time make up music.
Sound also means the mental and spiritual well being, and the well functioning of the body.
There is a third meaning of the word and that is 'opinion'.

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